Some of the oldest artisan book-binding methods used to create these unique artistic notebooks and diaries.


Our products follow the same methods and materials of the old book binding traditions. The leather we use is vegetable tanned, the same method used from the artisan ancient book-binders of the past, this method is less polluting and we use organic materials. For our most special artistic bookbindings, we use artistic marble, glass and silver crafters. We mainly work by-hand, helped by some antique machines, like the first 1900's typographical presses. In 1975 we started a new production for the book-binding stationary industry, the production of artistic gifts, experimenting new links between the typical crafting of Venice and the traditional book-binding methods. We created artistic objects never seen before in their kind, that today are often imitated, but, by using modern or industrial tools rather than their hands. Our quality, passion and originality is echoed in our work. .